Tenth Anniversary Dress, 1931


Off-white silk georgette dress with small silver bugle beads, rhinestones, and iridescent white and opaque beads embroidered in stylized flower and leaf motif at neck flounce, front right side, and around waist. Delicate embroidered rhinestone bow at right waist. Scooped neckline; curved seams over hip. All inset pieces cut on bias. Clothing label: Peggy Hoyt Inc./16 East 55th St. New York. Handwritten on back of label: Mrs. Harvey Firestone/No. 1477/Date 6-3-31. This garment was owned by Elizabeth Parke Firestone, daughter of Mr. Harvey Firestone of Detroit, Michigan.This exquisite, understated dress was worn by Elizabeth Parke Firestone for the family and social celebration of her tenth wedding anniversary on June 21, 1931 - classy and classic, highlighting her fine figure (after having three children in close succession) and pale coloring.

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