Navy Blue Synthetic Silk Faille Evening Dress, 1947


Floor-length, navy blue synthetic silk faille evening dress. Stand-up collar. Long raglan sleeves with gathers at inseam. Navy blue velvet insertion at decolletage with large navy blue velvet bow. Slit pockets on hips. Medium-full skirt over attached black petticoat with wide pleated flounce at hem. White crepe inner bodice and grosgrain boned corselette. Clothing label: Christian Dior/PARIS/MADE IN FRANCE. Stamped on label: 8344. This garment was owned by Elizabeth Parke Firestone, daughter of Mr. Harvey Firestone of Detroit, Michigan.This is believed to be the first Dior purchased by Elizabeth Parke Firestone; it was made for the wedding of her second daughter, Martha, to Mr. William Clay Ford. Dior had just caused a sensation introducing his New Look to the world, emphasizing slim waists and rounded feminine features. He surely caught the eye of Mrs. Firestone, and she became a client when she visited his salon in 1946 and commissioned this dress. Interestingly, it is made of synthetic fiber - silk was probably difficult to obtain so soon after the war.

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