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Silk Organza Sleeveless Evening Dress and Jacket, 1937


Dress and jacket of thin, peach-colored silk organza. Bodice goes over the head and wrap-ties in front. Bodice is sleeveless with V-neckline. Center, front, and waistline piping accents. Peplum below waistline. Three coiled-cord buttons. Very full bias-cut skirt over beige silk chemise. Separate matching jacket with tucked yoke and short sleeves. Clothing label: ALIX/PARIS. Number inscribed on label: 7027. ALIX was the label of Alix Gres, also known as Madame Gres. Born as either Germaine Krebs or Germaine Barton, she became Alix Barton by the early 1930's; in 1940, she assumed the name Gres, a variation on her husband's nom de brosse, Gres, which is a fractional anagram of his given name, Serge Czerevkov. This sweet, simple evening dress is the only ALIX piece in the Ford collection. It looks very much like a bridesmaid's dress; the curator recalls another dress like it in Mrs. Firestone's collection that was not acquired.This garment was owned by Elizabeth Parke Firestone, daughter of Mr. Harvey Firestone of Detroit, Michigan.

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