Service Hat, 1918-1920


Dr. Frank J. Sladen (1882-1973) graduated from Yale University in 1902, and Johns Hopkins University in 1906.Following his schooling, he also served his internship and residency at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore until 1912, when he became their chief resident physician.During that time his research included blood coagulation, and the use of meningitis and diphtheria antiserums.Dr. Sladen came to work at Detroit General Hospital in 1913 as the Chief of Medical Service.After Henry Ford took over the finances of the now renamed Henry Ford Hospital, he selected Dr. Sladen in 1916 as the Physician-In-Chief.It was in this role that, in drawing upon his experience with the closed practice system utilized at Johns Hopkins, he created a modern hospital with a nationally recognized staff of medical specialists.Additionally, he sought to expand the role of the hospital through various community service programs in both social services and medical education. During World War One, Dr. Sladen served in Chillicothe, Ohio with the U.S. Army Medical Corps at Camp Sherman, where he was in charge of medical service.Dr. Sladen continued to work at the Henry Ford Hospital until his retirement in 1952.Following his retirement, he remained on staff as a medical consultant and continued to practice medicine there until 1971.Some of his significant accomplishments during his tenure at the Henry Ford Hospital included his role in the formation of the Clara Ford Nurses School in 1925, as well as his research in his latter years on aging and chronic rheumatic diseases.As a prolific antiquarian book collector, Dr. Sladen was responsible in 1915 for the founding of the Henry Ford Hospital library.Following his death in 1973, the Henry Ford Hospital library was renamed the Dr. Frank J. Sladen Medical Library where his manuscript collection is now preserved.[SOURCES: "Frank J. Sladen, M.D." Henry Ford Health Systems. 8 June. 2004 <>.]

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