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Girl's Muslin Print Dress, about 1840


Muslin dress printed with red, tan and yellow flower sprig motif. Pieced, lined bodice with round neckline and channels for bones at center front. Lawn-lined bishop sleeves. Gauging at top of shoulder, top of sleeves, and center front. Hammered wire hooks and eyes on sleeves; center-back hook and eye closures. Pleated skirt with many repaired holes. Hand-sewn. This is an early and very fashionable dress with a very high waist - mother's styling in a child's dress, including channels for bones to shape a young girl's body. The dress is restrictive, and the arms difficult to move - it was probably reserved for formal occasions. The bodice is pieced together in interesting ways. The sleeves are unlikely to have come before 1835, and the fabric, bodice, and skirt pleats look to be from the 1830s to early 1840s.

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