Paper Dress, 1966-1967


This dress was worn by Thelma D. Nykanen, who was born around 1925 and worked as an executive secretary at General Motors in Detroit, Michigan. She was stylish and enjoyed traveling the world with the travel group known as The Nomads. This dress was printed with multiple stripes at the bottom; all but one stripe was cut off to accommodate Nykanen, who was short.Known as "The Souper Dress," this dress was made between 1966 and 1967, when paper dresses saw some popularity. The maker is unknown - it might have been made by Campbell Soup Co. or by a pop artist working with a manufacturer. It takes off on Andy Warhol's use of the Campbell Soup can image in his pop art; Warhol was a fashion illustrator at the beginning of his career and had been using the soup can image since 1962.

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