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1908 Packard model U test car, three-quarter front left view, covered in mud with four male passengers


7.5x9.5 black and white Packard Co. file photograph of a 1908 Packard three-quarter front left view, parked on street, covered in mud, male behind wheel with three male passengers, houses in background. Inscribed on photo back: 1908 Packard "30" model U, 4-cylinder, 30-horsepower, 122-inch wheelbase, "Hiram" test car, fitted with a 1906 model S, 5-person touring car body, built in winter 1906-07 "Hiram" was tested extensively by Packard engineering; under direction of head tester "Bill" Birmingham, exhaustive road tests were then conducted, photographed near Packard works East Grand Blvd. Detroit, Mich.

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