1921-22 Packard truck, left side view, unloading Packard crates into boxcars


8x10 black and white Packard Co. file photograph of a 1921-22 Packards left side view, partially enclosed front cab, two men unloading Packard crates into box cars, man behind wheel, one man holding boxcar door open, two men standing at side of truck, written on side of hood "Traffic Division." Inscribed on photo back: 1921-22 Packard model EF, 6-cylinder, 40-horsepower, 5-ton truck, Packard Traffic Division vehicle # 75, this truck bore 1927 Michigan commercial license plate # 6-230, shipping crates # 3 & # 4 from P.M.C.Co. Detroit, Mich., to American Body Co. New York, N.Y., photographed at P.M.C.Co., loading crates into boxcars.

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