King Faruk I of Egypt inspecting his troops in the royal palace convertible, a 1939 Packard convertible sedan


8x10 black and white sepia-toned Packard Co. file photograph of a 1939 Packard three-quarter front right view, top folded, soldiers lining side of road, four uniformed men in car. Inscribed on photo back: 1939 Packard twelve, model 1708 (produced 9/20/1938-8/8/1939), seventeenth series, 12-cylinder, 175-horsepower, 139-inch wheelbase, 5-person convertible sedan (body type # 1253). With the danger of war spreading to the near east this view of King Faruk I of Egypt inspecting his troops assumes unusual significance. The king is riding in the royal Packard convertible sedan, one of a fleet of eleven Packards which includes a special armored sedan.

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