Mady Correll and Harvey Stephens next to 1936 Packard sedan with a trailer hitched to back


8x10 black and white Packard Co. file photograph of a 1936 Packard with a trailer hitched to back, three-quarter front right view, couple standing at passenger door. Inscribed on photo back: 1936 Packard one twenty, model 120-B, fourteenth series, 8-cylinder, 120-horsepower, 120-inch wheelbase, 5-person sedan (body type # 993). Note 1937 California license plate # 2S-324. All set - Mady Correll bids Harvey Stephens, Paramount actor, farewell as he prepares to drive to Elmira, N.Y. for the National Soaring contest. Stephen's ship, the "Little Buckaroo," attached to his car, makes the trip in a specially designed trailer. Original photo by A.B. Laing, Hollywood, Calif.

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