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Two 1936 Packards, pictured with their owners Mr. & Mrs. Onslow Stevens


8x10 black and white Packard Co. file photograph of two 1936 Packards three-quarter front view, pictured with their owners, Mr. & Mrs. Onslow Stevens, standing at front of cars, under palm tree. Inscribed on photo back: right: 1936 Packard one twenty, model 120-B, fourteenth series, 8-cylinder, 120-horsepower, 120-inch wheelbase, 5-person touring sedan (body type # 992), or 5-person sedan (body type # 993), left: 1936 Packard eight, model 1401, fourteenth series, 8-cylinder, 130-horsepower, 134-inch wheelbase, 2/4-person coupe (body type # 918), note: Packard deluxe emblem, white sidewall tires, 6-wheel equipment, bumper guards. "Which shall we use?" -- Mr. and Mrs. Onslow Stevens (Anne Buchanan) roll out their respective Packards in an endeavor to decide which shall take them to New York, where Onslow has been playing opposite Margaret Sullavan in the legitimate production of "Stage Door," both the Stevens have used Packards for years, so -- whichever won the argument -- a Packard furnished transportation! Onslow has now been signed by R-K-O to act his same role, opposite Katharine Hepburn, in the motion picture version of the famous Kaufman-Ferber play. Original photo by X. Martin-Smith

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