Opera singer Anna Case standing next to her 1930 Packard convertible coupe


8x10 black and white Packard Co. file photograph of a 1930 Packard left side view, top raised, parked on street, owner Anna Case standing at driver door. Inscribed on photo back: 1930 Packard deluxe eight, model 745, seventh series eight, 8-cylinder, 106-horsepower, 145.5-inch wheelbase, 2/4-person convertible coupe (body type # 429), note; Packard body plate, burbank spare tire covers, twin rear view mirrors, special (non-Packard) radiator cap ornament, initials CM on door, chromium plated wire wheels, Anna Case (Mrs. Clarence MacKay), famous opera and concert singer. Original photo by Cameragrams

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