1934 Packards owned by Emperor Kang Teh of Manchukuo


8x10 black and white Packard Co. file photograph of two 1934 Packards three-quarter side views. Inscribed on photo back: left; Packard 1101 eight, eleventh series, 8-cylinder, 120-horsepower, 136-inch wheelbase, 7-person touring car (body type #710), right; Packard 1108 twelve, eleventh series, 12-cylinder, 160-horsepower, 147-inch wheelbase, 5-person special sedan limousine (body type #735), note roof lights, wood wheels, Packards of Emperor Kang Teh of Manchukuo painted specially in imperial crimson, each car bearing Emperor's crest on doors & radiator cap emblems, photographed before gates of Imperial Detached Palace at Akasaka, Tokyo (in 1922-23 this was the palace of the Prince Regent of Japan). Original photo by Shimbun Rengo, Tokyo, Japan.

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