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1928 Packard, special armored car for Chiang Kai-Shek, president of China


8x10 black and white Packard Co. file photograph of a 1928 Packard three-quarter left front view, parked in front of building, four armed Chinese guards standing on running boards on either side of car, two more sitting at back, male chauffeur, male passenger. Inscribed on photo back: Packard 526, fifth series six (produced 7/1/1927-8/1/1928), 6-cylinder, 81-horsepower, 126-inch wheelbase, 5-person sedan (body style #323), special armored car for Chiang Kai-Shek, Chinese war lord who was elected President of China in November 1928, this car is fitted with two rear seats over the fenders and two sets of handgrips so that six fully armed soldiers may accompany the General wherever he goes, this car is to be used in Ningpo where the alley like streets must be widened & straightened to accommodate it, right hand drive.

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