1927 Packard phaeton, two trunks on running board, parked in front of house


8x10 black and white Packard Co. file photograph of a 1927 Packard seven-eights left front view, top lowered, two trunks on running board, parked on street in front of house. Inscribed on photo back: Packard 336, third series eight (produced 8/2/1926-7/1/1927), 8-cylinder, 106-horsepower, 136-inch wheelbase, 5-person phaeton (body type #291), accessories: Packard deluxe emblem, unusual placement of special cowl lights, adjustable sun visor, dual spot lights, wind wings, folding tonneau windshield, two fitted trunks on running board, dual spare tires with Burbank covers, 1926 Michigan license plate #62-M.

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