1927 Packards used for Queen Marie of Romania's 1926 visit to the United States


8x10 black and white Packard Co. file photograph of several 1927 Packards lined up on country road. Inscribed on photo back: Packard 343, third series eight (produced 8/2/1926-7/1/1927), 8-cylinder, 106-horsepower, 143-inch wheelbase, left to right: Dietrich all weather stationary cabriolet, Holbrook inside drive limousine, standard sedan limousine 7-person (body type #295), two Holbrook inside drive limousines, standard sedan limousine 7-person (body type #295), Derham Prince-of-Wales type sedan, three standard sedan limousine 7-person (body type #295), forward car used for personal transportation of Queen Marie of Romania (other cars used by her entourage), during her visit to Washington, D.C. & Baltimore, Md., autumn 1926. Original photo by Underwood & Underwood, Washington, DC

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