1927 Packard phaeton with Baby Snookums behind wheel in St. Louis, Mo.


8x10 black and white sepia-toned Packard Co. file photograph of a 1927 Packard three-quarter left front view, top lowered, in front of large stone building, "Snookums" behind wheel. Inscribed on photo back: Packard 336, third series eight (produced 8/2/1926-7/1/1927), 8-cylinder, 106-horsepower, 136-inch wheelbase, 5-person phaeton (body type #291), fitted with deluxe emblem, windshield wings, "Snookums" is star in Stearns Bros. coming release through Universal, youngest movie star on screen, two and a half years old, photographed in St. Louis, Mo. Original photo by American Commercial Photographers, St. Louis, Mo.

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