1925-1926 Packard touring car on snowy day, with couple


8x10 black and white sepia-toned Packard Co. file photograph of a 1925-1926 Packard three-quarter left front view parked in snow, top raised, side curtains in place, couple standing at right front, house in background. Inscribed on photo back: Packard 236, second series eight (produced 2/2/1925-8/1/1926), 8-cylinder, 85-horsepower, 136-inch wheelbase, 5-person touring car (body type #244), equipped with fitments from third, fourth, & sixth series eights, as well as extras available on second series, later type 236 one-piece windshield, 1929 Wisconsin license plate #478E, "Goddess of Speed" radiator cap, winter front, step plates, side lights, coach-type ring door handles, exterior smoked glass sun visor (2nd series); wheels (3rd series); belt panel (4th series); bumpers (6th series).

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