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1909 Packard 30 Model UB special limousine, five-sixth rear view


8x10 black and white print copied from a glass negative of a 1909 Packard 30 Model UB, brick building in background. Inscribed on photo back: 4-cylinder, 30-horsepower, 123.5-inch wheelbase, special limousine, 1908/1909 type radiator cap, solid hood side panels, no louvers, no leather hood cross strap, 1909 Packard solar headlamps mounted on special brackets where side lights customarily carried, note plate on back of bulge and 3 screws on concave side of bulge, coach lights mounted on front corner posts, 1 at gear/brake lever, special landaulet leather snap-on apron between frame & running board, 2-piece glass windshield, special fenders front & rear, photographed at Packard Works, Detroit, Mich.

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