1903 Packard Model F "Old Pacific" in front of Packard dealership


8x10 black and white photograph of 1903 Packard Model F. Inscribed on photo back: 1-cylinder, 12-horsepower, 88-inch wheelbase, 2-person roadster "Old Pacific"; unidentified driver outside of a Packard dealership in 1920s. This model participated in the transcontinental crossing June 20th-August 21st, 1903 from San Francisco to New York, 5600 miles, driver E.T. (Tom) Fetch from the Packard Warren, Ohio plant and passenger Marius C. Krarup editor of The Automobile. This model also participated in the First Annual Endurance Contest of the NAAM from New York to Pittsburgh 7-15th of October 1903 as contestant #16 class D, finished with a perfect score, driver E.T. Fetch and observer C.H. Lowe.

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