Bare chassis of 1899 Packard Model A number four or number five


8x10 black and white photograph from glass negative of bare chassis of 1899 Packard Number Four or Number Five. Inscribed on photo back: Model A, 1-cylinder, 9-horsepower, 71.5-inch wheelbase. One of 5 Model A Packards, but a later one. Note ram's horn front frame members used on all Model A cars but changed on Model B and different design and arrangement of engine components when compared to photographs of Packard Number One chassis. Photographed on a testing device in shop of Packard Electric Co./New York & Ohio Co. on North Ave., Warren, Ohio. All 5 Model A Packards were either completed or under construction in late 1899, therefore all 5 Model A cars are classified 1899 models.

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