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Packard Model A with woman in front of the Lodge


8x10 black and white photograph of Packard Number One with woman, parked in front of the manager's quarters (a.k.a. the Lodge), designed by Albert Kahn, at the Packard Proving Grounds. Inscribed on photo back: car completed Nov. 6, 1899, Warren Ohio; Model A, 1-cylinder, 9-horsepower, 71.5-inch wheelbase, 2-person roadster; body by Morgan & Williams, carriage manufacturer, Warren, Ohio. Restored car has solid engine compartment door, vs. louvered door of original, and is missing original fittings such as side lights & the one affixed to the center of the front springs, and the dos-a-dos seat originally mounted on the rear deck. This is the car given to Lehigh University.

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