William Doud Packard driving Packard number two


8x10 black and white Packard Co. file photograph, from copy neg. of glass negative, of 1899 Packard Model A Number Two. Inscribed on photo back: 1-cylinder, 9-horsepower, 71.5-inch wheelbase 2-person roadster with carriage top, body by Morgan & Williams, carriage manufacturer, Warren, Ohio. This second Packard automobile--History was, for about a year, the personal conveyance of William Doud Packard who is said to have driven the car as far as Lakewood, N.Y. Behind the wood panel dash was a compartment for tools & packages, with a cushioned top for use as an emergency seat, and surrounded on three sides by a brass rail. W.D. Packard's son Warren recalled that at about age 9 he would perch on this emergency seat for dear life to keep from going overboard. All 5 Model A Packards were either completed or under construction in 1899 and all considered to be 1899 Packards.

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