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Network News for Urban Principals in New York

Date: 1985-Autumn

Memorandum to Greg Humphrey regarding teacher centers

Date: 1981-06

A newsletter from the teacher center of Montana

Date: 1983-01

An article on how advocacy and professionalism together, upgrade schools. Thomas Hobart, president of NYSUT, uses examples from the AFT QuEST conference.

Date: 1976-02

Newspaper article by Thomas Hobart regarding using tenure hearings as a safeguard.

Date: 1983-06

Memorandum from Marsha Levine regarding Ray Budde's idea about creating Charter Schools to Albert Shanker and other AFT staff

Date: 1988-11

The issues with teacher and administrator evaluations from a union perspective.

Date: 1984-02

A teacher competency report state by state

Date: 1984-01

An article that talks about how teachers should be evaluated

Date: 1987-09

An article that addresses whether or not teachers should have to take competency tests

Date: 1981-12